Considering the Endothermic Electric Effect, an endothermic generator will obey ‘The first law of thermodynamics’, which is the application of the ‘conservation of energy’ process in an open system. An endothermic generator has a different parameter set to an exothermic generator, the 1st law shall be written as:

The change in internal energy on the output of the system is equal to the heat added to the system plus the work done to the system.

∆U (EMF output)                                          =         Q                           +       W

(Change in Internal Energy on output)  =         (Heat added)      +       (work done)

This formula is now the application of the ‘conservation of energy’ considering that it is an open system and the Endothermic Electric Effect.

The ‘conservation of energy’ law is not violated during the endothermic reaction; it is an open system. The Endothermic Electric Effect is a stage of the electric field that is fact and can be exploited for energy generation purposes.

The result is:              

U (EMF output) = >1              (Equation 12)

This is because internal energy now has energy from the systems material in the form of electrons, and environmental electrons attracted and stored in the negative current field. The system is discharged before any exothermic losses caused by frictional forces have occurred.

This is in agreement with the conservation of energy and laws of Physics, Einstein wrote:

h ν = φ + K.E.

E photon= φ ion + KE electron

Or in this case:

EMF output power  x time = φ ion x  Ie- total (Equation 9)