This is a renewable energy machine accessing energy from the system design and the environment it is placed in

The Endothermic Electric Effect seen in USW graph can be up to 80% of the SOC of the electric field charge

Endothermic generators can be coupled with existing technologies

Power can be harnessed in all types of environments

The scale of the machine can be built as required, for different types of applications

Energy can be placed directly onto any type of energy grid

Space travel applications

Electricity as we know it has been understood as an exothermic reaction, and over the last 150 years we have built our understanding of electricity through our observations of this type of reaction. Our physics understandings of thermodynamics and entropy have been considered and interpreted by the understandings introduced by Faraday, Maxwell, Wien, Max Planck, Einstein, Ohm, Tesla and others. P.W Bridgman, winner of the Nobel Prize 1946 1 stated in his work ‘The Nature of Thermodynamics’ [12, page 22]

“I believe that many physicists honestly do not know whether or not to think that a sufficiently ingenious combination of means now in our control might violate the second law on a commercially profitable scale. Thermodynamics gives me two strong impressions: first of a subject not yet complete or at least of one whose ultimate possibilities have not yet been explored, so that perhaps there will still be further generalizations awaiting discovery; and secondly and even more strongly as a subject whose fundamental and elementary operations have never been subject to an adequate analysis”.

This is quite a remarkable insight from 1941 yet not surprising considering his life work and dedication to physics.

Presented in this research, is a branch of electricity physics named ‘Endothermic Electricity’. This phenomenon has been demonstrated as a ‘new’ renewable energy generation possibility, or at the very least, the start of a new energy exploration.

We can draw conclusions by opposite effect such as:

Exothermic Electricity

Endothermic Electricity

Energy Losses

Energy Gains

Entropy and more chaos

Reversal of entropy and order in system

Rising Temperature in system

Lowering of Temperature in system