Just like The Photoelectric Effect, The Endothermic Electric Effect is parameter based.

Parameters of the system engaged are:

  1. Time,
  2. EMF input, (voltage and ampere applied)
  3. Surface area of system,
  4. Density of Atom material,

This reaction in the system is due to the Photoelectric Effect taking place.

If we start with Einstein’s photoelectric effect formula:

h ν = φ + K.E.

E photon= φ ion + KE electron

We will now substitute this into the battery system format,

In this scenario,

hv                                               =         EMF input

The work done φ ion              =         φ ion+

KE electron                               =         I lithium e-

EMF input        =    φ ion + KE electron + I supply electrons e-

EMF input    =    φ ion+ + I lithium e- + I supply electrons e-      (Equation 8)