Joseph Westley Newman (1937-2015) an American inventor who during the 1980s published a book he named ‘The Energy Machine’ [2]. His story is beyond the scope of this paper, yet if the reader is interested, his book is a free download online. [3]

This investigation came about due to the work of Joseph Westley Newman and his invention 'The Energy Machine.' Newman’s invention as stayed an enigma to academia and science since its inception. Newman claimed his ‘DC Electromagnetic Generating Machine’ produced more useable electrical energy on the output than was placed in the input. To benefit from this open system reaction, parameters must be incorporated in the design of the generator to extract the energy gain phenomena. The DC machine operates within a 5-parameter design using: a catalyst current; a certain voltage pressure; a large surface area of copper atoms in the form of a coil; a specific timing device; and a permanent magnet.

There were over thirty individuals who signed affidavits attesting to the ‘rightness’ of Mr Newman’s invention. These individuals included electrical engineers, physicists, doctors, inventors, and scientists. Newman included the test results performed on his generator in his book, which have some rather surprising results . There is no knowledge in past or present, according to scientific history of a design of an endothermic electricity  generator. Every generator produced to create electricity until Newman’s Generator, have been exothermic generators.

There is no physics that can tell you how this Energy Machine will produce more energy on the output than is imputed. This work is not a peer review on Newman’s machine, and as to date there is no peer reviewed work on this machine filed other than the National Bureau of Standards bogus test. This test does not hold up under scrutiny, the National Bureau of Standards test (NBS) was simply inaccurate. The NBS measured the power through a set of resistors, which is a power loss measurement and not from the coil of copper. The Newman Generator must be set up within certain parameters and should NOT be grounded, NBS did not measure any power going to the ground they attached to the machine. The National Bureau of Standards did not accurately measure the energy in a correct fashion. Their mistakes were pointed out by Newman at the time, and this information can be seen in his book on page 321 (below). Newman claimed that the National Bureau of Standards  test was an attempt to discredit him and stop him obtaining a patent, which it did. 

The closest work to a peer review work on the Newman Generator is by JL Naudin, his website on the Newman Generator is here.    [4]

Why an Endothermic Generator is a river of Energy in a Magnetic Field

A lower pressure is developed around the electric field due to the 'Endothermic Electric Effect', known as an endothermic reaction. This allows for the induced magnetic field surrounding the electric field to exert an inward force and pressure on the electric field due to the reduced pressure surrounding the electric field due to the removal of energy in the form of electrons into the electric field. Therefore, the direction of force is INWARD due to the higher pressure which surrounds the endothermic electric field. There will  be a continuous supply of energy from the induced magnetic field BECAUSE OF THIS PRESSURE GRADIENT (see NASA experiment). In addition to this, an endothermic generator has an orderly expanding electric field with no frictional losses due to there being, NO COLLISIONS. This means that the induced endothermic electric effect has no recombination of ions and electrons during the endothermic time parameter. Separation of charge is maintained and therefore the endothermic generator discharge will gain from electron mass from the system material as well as environmental electrons.

The link below is to the National Bureau of Standards bogus test on the Newman Generator.